About Marie Maseng

MLS photo BW

As a teacher, researcher, listener, believer, designer and artist my career objective is to keep building my collection of tools and resources to help students develop their own path to understand the world around them through the visual arts.

My educational path has always been interdisciplinary in nature. The visual arts is my vehicle for understanding other aspects about the world that I find an intrest in, including business, engineering, and teaching. I am continually studying and amazed by the world that we live in, as well as gaining different experiences and making connections. Coming from a family of engineers, pilots, and business professionals, my upbringing has always emphasized that anything is possible, followed by the phrase, “now lets figure out how…”  My goal is to provide both an education for students that is personalized to their development and worldly perspective that guides them towards personal empowerment and a vision for life long learning, resilience and success.

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